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Property Management

INCO Commercial Brokerage offers property management through our sister company: Romano Litchfield & Associates. 

About Romano Litchfield & Associates 

Romano Litchfield and Associates is a leader in industrial and commercial real estate property management serving all of Southern California.

At Romano Litchfield and Associates, our goal is to provide our clients with the experience and knowledge necessary to protect and maximize the value of each property managed, to maximize the income stream of each property, and to maximize the return on investment, thereby increasing the owner’s equity.

Our managers and administrative staff are dedicated to intelligently managing each property with a focus on market rents, rent collection, occupancy levels, tenant retention, as well as all areas of physical maintenance and upkeep. Romano Litchfield & Associates is a full-service Property Management company offering state-of-the-art technology, such as Yardi Systems (a recognized industry leader in property management software), to banking networks with direct deposit and withdrawal features, and email systems.

It is with the help of this superior technology that allows us to process rents, track insurance policies, follow up on delinquencies, handle maintenance and service contracts, lease expirations and renewals, legalities as well as provide our clients with all necessary financial reports “on demand”.

Our professional team will work closely with each client to identify and meet their needs, to deliver all of the essential services necessary to keep each property maintained and running smoothly and will do so with the highest emphasis on trust, integrity and efficiency.

Romano Litchfield & Associates understands the challenges of controlling costs, increasing property values, and reducing time commitment for our valued clients. For those reasons, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide and serve our clients with the highest caliber of property management services available.

Check out Romano Litchfield & Associates' website for more information. 

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