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Owner Representation

Owner Representation

INCO Commercial Brokerage provides owners of commercial and industrial properties with the highest expertise and knowledge in leasing and selling their properties. INCO Commercial Brokerage has exclusive agency agreements that total over three million square feet. We currently represent building owners whose buildings range from 3,000 square feet up to 900,000 square feet. .  Most of our clients have been long term clients of more than thirty years. 

INCO Commercial Brokerage's goal is to minimize vacancy through our marketing efforts.  This way the owner experiences little to no vacancy.  The INCO brokers understand that effective marketing is key to leasing a property quickly.  Our brokers utilize a multitude of multiple listing services, social media, internet marketing, mailers, email blasts, property websites, and cold calling. 

You need a real estate broker that knows the commercial real estate market. In a market that seems to change overnight, it is crucial that you find a broker that can maximize your investment returns by making sure you receive full value for your property. 


Need to list your commercial or industrial real estate property? Please contact one of INCO's brokers here.

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